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Drop Down and Drive Up Unit

The Drop Down was designed to be just that — a portable self-storage unit that you ‘drop down’ wherever you need it.Many self-storage properties have areas that are not designated for permanent building structures — easements for services, future access routes to other self-storage buildings, road reserves or car parking areas that are not currently in use. These locations are ideal for placing the Drop Down.

A self‑storage drive‑up unit is exactly that — a self‑storage unit that you can drive up to. Drive‑up units give your self‑storage facility a modern, professional feel. If your building can include drive‑ups or you have excess parking space that you can build self‑storage drive‑up units on, you can offer easily accessible and profitable units.

Modular structure

Our drive‑up units are modular building structures and can be designed to fit most spaces. Whether set against or separated from your main building, we’ll handle the project from design to completion.

Product features

The Drop Down comes in 2 standard widths (2.4 metres and 3 metres, or 7.9 feet and 9.8 feet respectively) and a standard length of 6 metres (19.7 feet). There are a variety of layout configurations to suit storage demand. All come with pre-painted cladding and roller doors.The 2.4-metre width gives the option of moving the unit on a truck without special transport permits.All Drop Down self-storage units are manufactured on a skid-based system that allows the unit to sit on reasonably flat land. Driveways can be constructed after installation using sealed surfaces or gravel.Storm water downpipes, electrical services, security alarms and cameras can all attach to the Drop Down. 

Testing storage demand

The Drop Down is ideal for testing self-storage demand before committing to a large project and can be utilised as temporary storage during refits of existing self-storage sites.

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