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As of 1st January 2019, Steel Storage Europe changed its company name to Janus International Europe Ltd

Your planning and building approvals are in and you are happy with our quotation, so it’s time to start the self-storage construction and manufacturing process.

Manufacturing self-storage products

One of our main points of focus is self-storage manufacturing, which we believe is important to our customers. Therefore, our core self-storage products are manufactured in-house and we supply our customers globally from our factories in the Europe and Asia. The processes that have been put in place at both sites are ISO 9001:2008 certified, so we can maintain the excellent quality of our products and ensure timely delivery.

State-of-the-art equipment

State-of-the-art equipment

Another part of maintaining the quality that our customers have come to expect from us is using cutting-edge manufacturing equipment in our factories.

State-of-the-art self-storage manufacturing equipment. We achieved this by investing in the latest CNC (Computer Numeric Control) equipment, including CNC punching/embossing and a four-metre CNC metal folding system; as well as door assembly automation.

These advanced manufacturing techniques help reduce cost, lead-times and supply a superior quality product.

What does CNC do?

CNC allows us to encode our product drawings and feed this code into the machine.The machine then produces the product to the exact specifications of the original drawing. This fully automated process saves time in production when compared to manually produced self-storage products.

Advantage of in-house production

This in-house capability helps us to be flexible and respond faster to any potential changes or difficulties because we have full control of our pipeline. Another advantage is that it allows us to do product development which gives us the edge on product innovation. But the greatest benefit is that we can create unique, complex, personalised products for you — our customer.

Self-storage construction or fit-out

Construction or fit-out of the self-storage partitioning system can start when minor construction works that may need to be carried out have been completed and the interior of your building has been painted. We can provide expert self-storage construction crews, if required, whether you’re building your self-storage facility from the ground up or whether it concerns a fit-out/installation project.

Experienced construction crews

Take advantage of the vast experience of our construction crews. We always work with the same crews, so you can be assured that they know how to assemble our products and work to the agreed timing plan. Using a qualified and experienced self-storage construction crews can be the difference between a 5-star or amateur-looking facility.

Two of our supply solutions include the provision of construction and/or fit-out of self-storage partitions in your self-storage facility:

  • Product supply plus fit-out
  • Turnkey service.

We are happy to tailor the construction approach to your needs. You can rely on us to get the job done. Just contact us for more information.

Project management

Project management Our professional and knowledgeable self-storage project managers can handle your project from start to finish and deliver it on time and to budget. They have worked on all levels of self-storage projects, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your project is in the hands of an experienced and skilled self-storage project management team who are measured against strict criteria.For each project, we appoint a dedicated project manager to oversee the self-storage project. We believe that flexibility is key in offering you the best service we can, so our project manager will work closely with you before, during and after each project.

Self storage supply solutions

We have a number of self-storage supply solutions to choose from. Apart from our turnkey service, they are all on a supply only basis plus an additional service as required. We can provide you with any of our consultancy services in addition to our supply solutions

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