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As of 1st January 2019, Steel Storage Europe changed its company name to Janus International Europe Ltd

You are an existing self-storage operator looking to improve your current self-storage operation. From optimising your operation to access control and security assessments, you can use our expertise to reach your goals.

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Optimise your self-storage operation

We would look at various aspects of your self‑storage operation to give you a recommendation for optimisation. Things we would look at include:

Overall yield of your facility
Yield per storage space
Rental rates per storage space
Space mix and reconfiguration
Electrical design

Reconfiguration and electrical design

We will make recommendations on all of the above items, but reconfiguration and self‑storage electrical design are where we’d be most involved should there be a requirement for change.

If some of your self‑storage units aren’t renting as well as expected, we can reconfigure them for you. We’ll take your original space mix design as a basis. We’ll then re‑design it using the information from our assessment and optimise it, i.e. you may need smaller or larger unit

  • Have lights and fans linked to your self-storage access control system and turn them on only along the corridors leading to the self-storage unit that is being accessed.
  • Have lights and fans controlled by motion sensors and they will turn on as customers walk along the corridors.
  • Air conditioning can be put on a timer to operate only during opening hours. This does not apply to wine storage, which needs 24-hour air conditioning.

Self‑storage electrical design

You can reduce costs with an energy saving electrical design. By saving money, you’ll optimise your operation even more. There are a number of ways to save on electricity:

Security assessment and training

Self-storage security assessment

If you are not happy with or have outgrown your self-storage access control and security system or are considering making some changes, we can undertake a security assessment for you.
We’ll start by resolving any concerns you may have, but we’ll also look at:

We’ll start by resolving any concerns you may have, but we’ll also look at:

  • Where is the point of risk? Usually at entry points.
  • How to limit access to non-authorised people.
  • Security gates.
  • Swipe card access.
  • Activation of unit door alarms.
  • Security cameras and recording devices.
  • Do your staff know what to do if there is a security breach?

Building maintenance

When you use our self-storage partitioning system, our doors and the PTI access control and security system, you’ll find they require very little maintenance.

If you have any maintenance issues relating to our fit-out/installation workmanship, please note that we provide a one-year warranty for repairs relating to workmanship. For any issues with our self-storage partitions and doors, we offer a 20-year warranty.

Supplementary products

As an existing self-storage operator, you will probably have a number of supplementary products on sale in your store.

Shelving designed for self-storage

We offer a unique shelving and trolley system that was designed to optimise any self-storage space and provide easy access to stored items. We have a number of shelving solutions that might interest you.

  • Cubix: a self-storage trolley and shelving system
  • Custom-made Cubix shelving and trolleys
  • Wine-storage racks and trolley

Self storage supply solutions

We have a number of self-storage supply solutions to choose from. Apart from our turnkey service, they are all on a supply only basis plus an additional service as required. We can provide you with any of our consultancy services in addition to our supply solutions

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