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Wine-storage units

Wine storage is an increasingly popular form of self-storage. Many self-storage operators are converting part of their facilities into wine storage or they include it in the building scope from the start of a project. How much wine-storage space to offer depends on demand and the location of your self-storage store.

Offering a range of specialty storage, like wine storage, can increase the earning potential of your self-storage facility. By adding a wine-tasting area, you can potentially attract more wine storers who desire a quiet location to sample their wines.

Wine storage units have similar building components to standard self-storage units, but the vital difference is that a wine-storage area must have a climate-controlled environment to ensure the lasting quality of the wine.

To convert part of your existing self-storage facility to wine storage or to include wine storage in a new self-storage project, find out more about the various options listed below or contact us for a preliminary design and estimate.