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Wine-storage unit configurations

There are four unit configurations to consider for wine storage:

  • Walk-in wine-storage units — with 3 different configurations
  • Wine-storage lockers

Walk-in wine-storage units and their configurations

  • The first configuration is the simplest. It’s the standard empty storage space that your customers can use to store and stack their wine boxes. As the space fills up, moving wine boxes in and out of the unit may become increasingly difficult. This is where our second and third wine-storage configurations can help.
  • Wine-storage unit configurationThe second and third configurations offer a racking system designed for wine storage in either an L-shape or U-shape configuration, depending on the size of the unit. The racking system allows customers to easily move their wine boxes and bottles in and out of the self-storage unit. You can add a self-storage trolley to optimise the space, whilst allowing customers full access to their wine.

Wine-storage lockersWine-storage lockers

Our wine-storage lockers conform to our purpose-built self-storage lockers, but use the specific wine-storage building components. Also, the mid-shelf in a wine-storage locker is made of perforated steel.

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