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Wine-storage security

Today’s wine collections can have a substantial value, so as well as providing a climate-controlled wine-storage environment you must ensure that your wine-storage area has top-of-the-range protection.

Wine-storage security requirements

As well as the excellent self-storage security that’s included in your self-storage building, wine-storage security may include some or all of the following:

  • Secondary key-card and/or pincode access to visit the wine-storage area.
  • Individual door alarms provided excellent self-storage securityDoor alarms — all the units and lockers in the secure wine-storage area can be fitted with individual door alarms to monitor unit activity and deter intruders. They will be deactivated upon key-card/pincode entry and re-armed upon key-card/pincode exit of the area. Should an intruder manage to gain access to the area and try to force open an armed door, an alarm will sound alerting staff to take immediate action.Your customers will also receive an email alerting them of any unauthorised access to their unit.
  • Airlock lobbies provide extra security in wine storageAirlock lobbies provide extra security and help keep the wine-storage area at the required temperatures. After key-card/pincode access your customer can enter the airlock lobby. Only when the first doors close will the next set of doors open.
  • CCTV cameras — one at the key-card/pincode access point and one inside the airlock lobby will record all entry and exit activity of the wine-storage area.
  • Controlled lighting is not simply a power-saving solution. It helps keep the wine-storage environment dark as required — it only lights the path leading up to the accessed storage unit upon key-card/pincode activation.

In addition to the electronic security enhancements consider using a heavier gage wire mesh or perforated, louvred panels to cover the ceiling of the unit and/or reinforced doors for added security.

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