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Wine-storage building components

As with standard self-storage units, the main building components for wine storage units are walls, partitions and doors.

Perforated hallway panel increases airflow in wine storage unitsWalls and partitions
The general concept of our modular self-storage partitioning system doesn’t change for building wine-storage units. We use the same high-quality, durable materials as with the Streamline safe-edge panel system but with a slight modification. To ensure the wine maintains its required temperature, the walls and partitions can be perforated to increase the airflow and maintain a constant temperature throughout the wine-storage area.

Wooden duckboard allows airflow in wine-storage unitsFloor of wine-storage units

We cover the floor (or part of the floor) of all wine-storage units with a wooden duckboard. Increased air circulation is also the key factor for making duckboards a standard building component of our wine-storage units. The gap between the floor and the wine boxes lets wine from any leaking bottles flow down to the floor and not soak other boxes, which could create a mould and/or mildew problem.

Custom door with louvers for wine-storage unitsDoors

We only use flat swing doors in wine storage, so that the doors can include louvre vents which help to control the steady temperature and humidity levels in the units.

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