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Why leading brands partner with Steel Storage

Steel Storage has been at the forefront of self storage in Australia, Asia and Europe over the last 20 years and as a result we have an unrivalled suite of consultancy services and products all designed specifically for the self storage industry.  With the capability to support both new market entrants and industry veterans our core competencies enable us to assist at any stage of the self storage investment cycle.  

Located where our clients need us, we have offices in Brisbane, Singapore and London serving the 3 continents that we operate in – Australasia, Asia and Europe.


 Steel Storage Offices around the world


Why Steel Storage?

Leading Value Creators

Steel Storage is the leading value creator in the self storage industry.   Our range of consultancy services and self storage products have been designed and created to ensure your investment operates and achieves maximum long lasting return to all stakeholders.

Creating lasting value in self storage 

Owned and sold self storage businesses  

Unrivalled Experience and Knowledge

Steel Storage was formed in the early 1990’s in Australia and played an integral part in growing the self storage industry by providing guidance, bespoke services and self storage specific products to the young and growing industry.  Having been involved with many of the successful self storage operators in Australia, we recognised self storage was beginning to emerge as an industry in Europe so established an operation in London to provide our consultancy services and products to the new investors and operators.    We followed the same strategy when we recognised the beginning of the growth of self storage in Asia by opening an operation in Singapore.

From being in the self storage markets in these regions from the beginning and helping to assist, guide and ultimately grow operators, we have an unrivalled knowledge of the self storage industry in the 3 key markets we operate in – Australasia, Asia and Europe.

In addition we have run and sold our own self storage facilities, worked with financial and regulatory institutions and help develop the trade associations and quality standards for these regions.

You can see all the results of this experience and knowledge in our leading consultancy services and products.  




Self Storage Product Innovation

Throughout our 20 year history, we have always invested heavily in research and development, ensuring our products remain at the cutting edge of innovation.

Today, we have a range of innovative products designed specifically for the self storage industry that provide efficiency in build and maintenance of self storage facilities and which enhance the customer experience.

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 self storage product innovation




Product Quality

The core products, installed in your  self storage facility will be manufactured by us in our production facilities.  Our two production facilities are both ISO 9001:2008 certified.   Recognised as a standard of excellence we are one of the few manufacturers producing products for the self storage industry that has this standard.   

With the latest and most sophisticated manufacturing equipment, using the highest quality raw material ensures the products we supply are market leading. Our high quality products are able to sustain high usage and will have a slower attrition rate than other products in the market, resulting in lower on-going facility investment.

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Preeminent self storage construction and installation teams

Having built 1 million self storage units around the world our teams led by experienced highly trained and qualified project managers have dealt with construction of self storage facilities and expansions of every size from small to large 4 floors facilities.  So whatever the size, wherever the job and whatever the obstacles that arise our experienced teams will have seen it before and know how to resolve it.   

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self storage construction and self storage installation


Market leading self storage product warranties  

Market leading warranties

Our self storage products meet the highest quality standards. That's why we confidently offer industry best product warranties.  All the products that we manufacture come with a 20 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects.  We also take pride in the quality of workmanship. This is why we provide a one-year warranty on installation workmanship from the practical date of completion.

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Entry to Exit Support

With our range or consultancy services, self storage products and partners we are able to look after operators and investors from market entry to exit. 

self storage operator support



self storage construction health & safety  

Health & Safety

As an industry leader we see health and safety (H&S) as an essential part of our customer service.

In simple terms, this means we don’t want anyone — our customers, their customers, our staff, contractors and anyone visiting an active construction site under our supervision — to get hurt. So, where we are responsible for the fit-out or construction, we ensure all health and safety laws are adhered to.

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