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What is self-storage?

The term ‘self-storage’ is short for ‘self-service storage’, also known as ‘mini storage’.

A self-storage business provides storage rooms, lockers and/or outdoor space for rent. They rent self-storage spaces to individuals (usually storing household goods) and small businesses (usually storing excess inventory or archived records). Rental contracts run from as short as 1 day up to 2 years.

Rented spaces are usually secured by the tenant's own lock and key. Unlike a warehouse, employees of a self-storage business do not have access to the contents of the space, limiting the storage operator’s liability regarding the renter’s possessions. The facility itself is equipped with security cameras, alarms and access control to safeguard clients’ items and provides 24-hour access.

Self-storage is also an investment business. More about investing in self-storage >

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