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STREAMLINE Recess Latch & Lock Systems

 Our STREAMLINE range of products are designed to improve a self storage facilities customer experience plus enable the operator to either run the facility more efficiently or achieve more revenue.


Cylinder Lock 

The cylinder lock has been designed so self storage operators can generate additional revenue for limited additional operational costs.  The cylinder lock is sold to every new tenant, adding additional revenue against the unit let and increasing the business valuation.    


Cylinder Security Lock:    

 Swing Door Recess Latch with Cylinder Lock: 

Roller Door Recess Latch with Cylinder Lock:  (Europe only)


Available for our STREAMLINE Swing Door and Roller Door Recess Latch Systems the cylinder lock is a small stylish lock that compliments the latch design and is specifically manufactured for them.  No competitor lock will work on these systems 


  • Ultra secure lock
  • Keyless locking
  • Key retention upon lock removal
  • Over-locking system to prevent customer entry
  • Vacant lock provided for each recess cylinder latch system 
  • Designed  exclusively for our STREAMLINE Recess latch systems
  • Lifetime Warranty  


Continuous Revenue Generation

With customers vacating on average every 3 months the cylinder lock provides continuous revenue generation that is additional to the unit let.  With the cylinder lock the customer has to purchase the lock from the facility rather than using their own, thus increasing the revenue for each let unit.  






Increase business valuation

 For every additional amount of revenue added to the bottom line this is multiplied by 4 upon valuation of the self storage business.  With minimal operational or installation cost the cylinder lock provides the ability to generate more revenue and more real value to your business.




Swing Door Recess Latch System  


The original STREAMLINE Swing door recess latch was launched in 2010.  Installed into thousands of self storage units around the world it has proven to be a great success with both self storage operators and customers.  As we strive to always innovative and improve our product offering the Swing Door latch has undergone some modifications providing an even better product that continues to lead the industry for both product durability and design.  Our recess swing door latch system can be either used with a conventional padlock or our new Cylinder Lock.  


Swing Door Recess Latch - Padlock version:

 Swing Door Recess Latch - Cylinder Lock version: 



Roller Door Recess Latch System  (Europe only)

New to the self storage market, designed and manufactured by us is the STREAMLINE Recess latch for roller doors.  Fitted into the grooves of the roller door this new latch system provides all the same benefits as our STREAMLINE Swing Door Recess latch.  The STREAMLINE Recess Latch System is available in two versions.  A recess latch with our new cylinder lock or a latch system that uses a conventional padlock.  


Roller Door Recess Latch - Padlock version:

Swing Door Recess Latch - Cylinder Lock version: 





What are the benefits of the STREAMLINE Recess Latch Systems?

Minimal corridor intrusion – Preventing lock damage from passing trolleys etc or customer injury from protruding latches and locks

Ergonomically designed – Simple and easy to use providing a better customer experience

Sophisticated style – Provides a cleaner more stylish looking facility and with latch set at optimal height for customer use

Over-lock feature – Prevents customer access 

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