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Store & More Self Storage

We built a two-storey self-storage facility for Store & More Self Storage in Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, in July 2009

Find out more about Store & More Self Storage at www.storeandmore.com.au.

Site specifications

  • Plot area: ca. 3,600m2 (ca. 38,750ft2)
  • Gross floor area: ca. 4,000m2 (ca. 43,050ft2)
  • Number of units: ca. 250
  • Phases: 2

Products and services used

  • Consultancy services
    • Feasibility assessment
    • Engineering/architectural design (building and space mix)
    • Electrical design
    • Planning/building approval
    • Project management
  • Products
    • Pre-engineered steel building
    • Mezzanine floor
    • Drive-up units
    • Walls and partitions
    • Roller doors with Steel Storage slide latch
    • Corridor systems
    • PTI access control and security systems
  • Turnkey service
      This included:
    • Install stormwater drainage
    • Lay ground slabs and driveways
    • Adhere to building fire safety
      (i.e. using concrete tilt-up panels as fire separation/compartment walls)

Special features

  • The driveway runs right around the periphery of the building giving access to the drive-up units.
  • Internally lighting levels were increased above the industry norm and speakers were strategically placed throughout the self-storage facility to allow continuous piped music.