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Steel Storage Outgrows It's Manufacturing Plant Again!

Back in 1996, when we began our journey in Europe, we had a small manufacturing plant where our ideas literally bumped into each other as they came out. 

This intimate environment brought out some great innovations, but soon our production and R&D teams needed more space to grow. So we moved to a bigger plant in 2010.  

Well, it turns out that our teams need even more space now!

And hence, we are moving to a new and a much bigger plant in Peterlee, where we can grow even further.

Our new location means we have:

  • The best in class – state of the art manufacturing plant.

  • Enhanced our R&D capabilities

  • A large production team to serve you even better.


Same People             Same Process          Same Timelines

And the same seamless experience!!!


We look forward to furthering our growth by providing high-quality services. A big thanks to our customers for making it possible!

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