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Top-up buildings (in Australasia only)

Before construction of a top-up buildingOur experience in construction of pre-engineered steel buildings plus an understanding of the unique needs of our self-storage customers led to the development of the top-up building.

A top-up building is a good solution when you want to expand your business, but you have no land available to build an extension or an additional building. The top-up During contstruction of a top-up buildingbuilding is built over your existing self-storage facility using pre-engineered steel building components for its construction.

During building, your customers can still access their storage space in your existing building.  

After construction of a top-up buildingBenefits

  • Increase your net-lettable area: going from a single level to two levels allows you to double your space, without buying more land.
  • Maintain occupancy during construction: disruptions to your existing self-storage facility are kept to a minimum.
  • Increase revenue: a top-up building allows you to increase capacity and raise the value of your facility.
  • Tailor-made design: our in-house team will design the entire top-up construction based on your existing structure, complying with all local industry regulations.
  • Lightweight, durable system: the top-up building uses the pre-engineered building system - a perfect combination of structural strength and economic design.

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