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Self-storage set-up budget

Which items should you budget for when you set-up a self-storage business? Aside from the purchase or rental cost of your self-storage building, you’d need to consider the following scope of works:

Self-storage branding creates curb appeal through clear signageExternal building requirements

  • Painting
  • Branding/signage
  • Car park
  • Landscaping
  • Fencing/security
  • Other


Internal building requirements


Self-storage facility set-up

  • Self-storage management software
  • Retail and merchandise office
  • Display

Our list is not extensive, but it'll give you an idea of what’s required for a self-storage brownfield site. If you have a building, ask us for a turnkey service quotation so that you can present an accurate budget.

The scope of works change significantly for a greenfield site. As building materials and labour costs differ hugely worldwide, we’ve not included an example. But talk to us if you’re considering a greenfield site and we’ll help with your budget.


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