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Security assessment and training

Self-storage security assessment

If are not happy with or have outgrown your self-storage access control and security system or are considering making some changes, we can undertake a security assessment for you.

Self-storage securityWe’ll start by resolving any concerns you may have, but we’ll also look at:

  • Where is the point of risk? Usually at entry points.
  • How to limit access to non-authorised people.
  • Security gates.
  • Swipe card access.
  • Activation of unit door alarms.
  • Security cameras and recording devices.
  • Do your staff know what to do if there is a security breach?

Self-storage access control and security training

SiteGraphics self-storage management system explained in trainingWhen you use the PTI access control and security system, we can ask the PTI Security Systems’ experts to provide training for your staff on:

  • how to use the system;
  • providing customers with a pin code/swipe card and showing them how to use it;
  • their understanding of the security protocol and the action required.

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