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Self-storage project execution

The executional and operational stages of your self-storage project come after you’ve built or secured a building and make your project real. These are the stages that involve much hard work and dedication. During the planning and budgeting process, you’ll have decided how involved you want to be in these two stages.

Project execution elements

The executional stage includes some or all of the following elements:

  • Structural engineering
    To ensure floors in your building can support the fit-out of the self-storage infrastructure and the items to be stored.
  • Sprinkers, fire hose reels and extinguishers are required by fire safety regulations for self-storageFire safety
    Fire-safety standards needs to be up to code for any self-storage building.
  • Architectural design
    Layout of your self-storage units – create a self-storage space mix that meets the building requirements in your country.
  • Mechanical ventilation and electrical design
    Installation of mechanical ventilation; electrical design to support general power, lighting, air conditioning.
  • Planning approval
    Obtain all the required building and planning approvals required in your country.
  • Building preparation works
    Including: demolition, waste disposal, fire-safety installation, minor construction (e.g. mezzanine and compartmentalisation), industrial painting of walls and floors, installation or upgrades of lifts, implementation of mechanical ventilation and electrical design.
  • Manufacturer of self-storage partitions/doors
    Use a recognised manufacturer of self-storage products to ensure easy fit-out, low maintenance and to add greater business value to sell your company later.
  • Security cameras should be part of any self-storage security system.Self-storage construction
    Use an experienced construction company to make sure that the fit-out of the self-storage partitioning system is done to time and budget.
  • Project management
    Coordinate all vendors and interfaces to ensure timely and cost-efficient fit-out and construction.
  • Security systems
    It’s advisable to use an access control and security system that integrates well with your chosen self-storage management software.

Self-storage supply solutions

We can help with the execution of all or parts of these project elements, but how hands on or hands off you want to be is up to you. We have a number of supply solutions for you to consider ranging from supply only to full turnkey service.
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Need help?

You will probably decide on your execution/approach at the planning or budgeting stage. Contact us at either or both of those stages for advice or a quotation for one of our supply options. We want you to succeed, so we always aim is to provide you with world-class self-storage solutions.

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