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Self-storage product choice

After your location and building choice, your self-storage product choice is one of the most important choices you will make regarding your self-storage business.

Your choices will impact throughout the business cycle:

  • Pre-investment period
    3D self-storage construction design (space mix)A knowledgeable self-storage product supplier can design an optimum storage-unit layout (the space mix) for your facility; supports/leads building compliance submissions and provides consultancy on all aspects of your self-storage investment.
  • Investment and build period
    Ease of installation/fit-out ensures timely project execution so you will be operating as scheduled with no surprises.
  • Operational period
    High-quality, durable, hi-tensile steel self-storage partitions and hallway panels ensure low maintenance and keep your facility looking good for years.
  • Exit period
    Using second-rate materials can be disastrous when selling your business. A top-rate self-storage product will be recognised in the due diligence and/or valuation process. Using the products of a self-storage product supplier renowned for using quality materials increases the value of your business and help facilitate a profitable exit.

Need help?

As an established international self-storage consultant and product supplier, we have unrivalled experience in the self-storage industry as our products and processes show. Find out more about our self-storage consultancy and products or contact us for more information.


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