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Self-storage operation

The executional and operational stages of your self-storage project come after you’ve built or secured a building and make your project real. These are the stages that involve much hard work and dedication. Whether you operate your own self-storage business or use a self-storage management company, here are some basic guidelines:

  • Have self-storage insurance for customers in place.
  • Choose a quality self-storage management software package, preferably one with invoicing capability.
  • Ensure the self-storage management software is compatible with your security and access control software.
  • Set up a retail office of at least 500 square feet (50 square metres) that is appealing for customers, where they have a place to sit down to enquire about, or sign up for, a storage space.
  • Also use the retail office to present your supplementary merchandise, like boxes, tape, padlocks, self-storage shelving, etc.
  • Handling equipment, like trolleys, are used to transport goods to self-storage unitsHave load handling equipment in place – trolleys/pallet jacks.
  • Have a storage rental agreement/licence in place that is legally-recognised in your country, so you can sign-up customers from day one.
  • Hire (experienced) staff trained in customer service. Have them wear branded clothes to promote a professional look.
  • Ensure that all personnel understand your operational processes and procedures.
  • Market your facility

Need help?
We know it can be a little daunting when you’re just starting out in the self-storage industry. If you are using a self-storage management company, they will handle a lot of these operational items for you.

If you’re considering using a self-storage management company, we can put you in touch with trusted companies. Or, we can connect you with a self-storage management consultant to advise and help you set up your self-storage operation. Contact us if you’re interested in one of these options.

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