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Self-storage marketing

Marketing a business is a critical component of any successful business strategy, especially in a new or growing market where the concept of self-storage is unknown. Your number one priority: creating demand. Actual demand generated will be the measure for a successful operation. To achieve this you need to develop your brand, build a strong Web presence, use media channels effectively and offer a truly memorable customer experience.

Marketing basics

Self-storage marketing basics - can they find you?The marketing basics to consider are:

  • Do potential customers know who you are?
  • Do they know where you are?
  • Do they know how to get to your self-storage facility/facilities?
  • What makes you stand out from your competitors or in marketing terms, what are your unique selling propositions?

There are various marketing techniques you can use to broadcast the answers to these questions.

Online marketing

Many self-storage companies today spent the bulk of their budget on online marketing. Your Website will be your online shop front and a fully search-engine-optimised site can achieve a higher organic ranking on search engines. Make sure your site is easy to use so it works as a sales tool. Don’t forget your existing customers who look to make payments online!

Self-storage online marketingOther online marketing activities to consider are search engine places and map listings, pay-per-click advertising, email campaigns, blogging and social media, like Facebook.


Traditional marketing

Self-storage promotional flyerAbove-the-line advertising through media such as television, cinema, radio and print (press) also still has its place when it comes to generating business. As does below-the-line advertising: direct mail, sales promotions, flyers, point-of-sale, telemarketing and brochures.

For example, a door drop to all addresses in a 5-kilometre radius around your self-storage facility is a great way to announce your store opening or any promotions happening at your store. When marketing your store remember that self-storage is all about convenience, so you need to make the people nearest your store aware of your existence and convince them of the fact that they need storage space.

These forms of marketing take on an added importance in new markets as the biggest challenge to a new market is not your competitors, but creating awareness of self-storage among all your potential customers.  

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Response handling

Response handlingAll marketing activities are aimed at building brand awareness and generating phone calls, email requests, online reservations and walk-ins. You can have the greatest Website, the funniest TV or radio commercial and the most generous of promotions to bring in these enquiries, but a timely, service-oriented reply is still vital.

Your site manager and sales staff must be aware of the marketing activities you’re undertaking and the promotions that are running, so they can convert any response to those activities into a sale. They must be able to handle all phone and email queries, be aware of all promotions and should be able to guide existing customers through online payment methods if you offer them.

Create a memorable customer experience

A customer's first and last impressions will be the measure of a self-storage business’ success. Customers will judge your self-storage facility in more ways than expected.

Clean, attractive and quality self-storage facilityPresenting a clean, attractive and quality site cannot be underestimated. You can achieve a positive impression by using experienced architects, high-quality materials and skilled installers; by keeping your facility clean and tidy at all times; and by training staff to provide excellent customer service.

Need help?

Your regional or local self-storage associations will have a guide that covers all the basics of self-storage marketing, so do not hesitate to contact them.

Alternatively, we can put you in touch with a self-storage management consultant who can advise you on the marketing activities you might want to undertake. Contact us if you’re interested in this option.

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