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Market research

Market research is the first step in setting up a self-storage businessBefore you jump into a self-storage project, it is vital to research your market.

Use demographics/market research companies (especially if they know the self-storage industry) to discover who customers are in the area. What’s the mean income, the daily traffic passing the property you want to develop? Is the area growing, and how fast?

Research competitors. Are there self-storage stores in the area you’re considering? Who are they? What do the charge, their occupancy? These facts will guide you in the choice of the location of your self-storage facility. It gives a good indication on the size requirements of your store, the different sizes of storage space (also known as space mix) and the rents you can charge.

Need help?

Don’t know where to start? Just ask for information. We have more than 20 years of experience in the self-storage industry covering a multitude of markets. We deal with all types of investors; working on small and large projects; helping to expand existing facilities; we’ve even relocated existing facilities. You name it and we’ve probably done it. Providing self-storage solutions is what we do. We’re only a click away.


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