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All our architectural designs of self-storage units provide a mix of storage unit sizes (known as the space mix). A locker option in your self-storage store provides you with an extra range of storage sizes to rent to customers. An added advantage is that they utilise smaller areas and can be tucked away in unused spaces to help maximise your facility’s income-generating capacity.

purpose-built self-storage lockersPurpose-built lockers

Our purpose-built self-storage lockers are fixed in a set location as part of the architectural design and are built on-site, the same way as our modular walls and partitioning system. These lockers will be the same height as regular self-storage units, but are only up to 1200mm deep and constructed with a mid-shelf and two or more doors creating smaller storage options. Purpose-built lockers are often used for wine storage.

Off-the-shelf lockers

1 cubic metre off-the-shelf lockersThe off-the-shelf 1m3 portable locker can be factory assembled. Their size allows you to move them to a location that suits your self-storage facility — also useful if you have room for expansion on your floor, as you can move them once you start expanding. The lockers can be stacked two lockers high, maximising all available space.

You can also have the locker fitted with wheels for greater flexibility, but that removes the possibility of stacking.

Self-storage locker stackLocker stack - available in Asia and Australasia only

Our locker stacks have similar benefits as the off-the-shelf lockers in that they are portable. They fit in even smaller corners in your self-storage facility, because they are only 1000mm wide and 750mm deep. As lockers aren’t considered a structural element, they are often used to extend storage beyond the limits of the gross floor area. They come in two different heights:

  • 1000mm with two doors
  • 2000mm with three or four doors

Locker doors

All our self-storage lockers have flat swing doors that come in a range of colours and can incorporate any of our custom door features.

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