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Feasibility assessment

When you own or have found a building or plot of land and need to check whether it is viable for self-storage, we can do a self-storage feasibility assessment for you. We understand the whole process of getting a self-storage facility up and running from concept to completion, so our assessment looks at all aspects of the location and/or building. This will help you put together and evaluate your business model and ultimately help you to get the required planning and building approvals when moving forward.

We would do a feasibility assessment on a brownfield siteHow it works

First we look at the demographics of the area and the location — whether for a brownfield or greenfield site — as explained in ‘Choose the right location for your self-storage facility’. 

For brownfield sites we’ll also look at:

Conversion after a positive self-storage feasiblity assessmentWe’ll also take note of any possible issues that the relevant authorities in your country may have with the building, from permissions required for change of use to building approvals.


We will share our conclusions and recommendations with you. We may advise against using the land/building for self-storage or provide options for change where possible, but ultimately it’s your choice.


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