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Choose the right location

The old adage ‘location, location, location’ certainly applies to self-storage. When you plan to build or purchase your self-storage building, it becomes a substantial asset of your self-storage business that appreciates over time; therefore – just like the real estate industry – location is vital. Even if you rent a property and convert it into self-storage, location is equally important because most users of self-storage are interested in easy access. Remember, self-storage is about convenience.

Rule of thumb

When considering your store location, take the following rule of thumb into account:

  • Choose the right location for your self-storage businessLocated between or near dense multi-family residential areas and retail locations (70-80% of tenants are typically individuals).
  • Located on or near a major traffic artery:
    • In markets where the self-storage concept is non-existent or fairly new, the visibility is vital; we advise aiming for buildings on a main road and prominently brand the exterior of your facility. This will attract customers who walk or drive by.
    • In established markets, visibility remains important, but the success depends more on who lives within a 5km radius of your store (see first bullet point).

Need help?

If you have found a building, but are unsure of its suitability for self-storage, just ask for a feasibility study. We’ll assess the building for all the elements needed for success. We may advise against using the building for self-storage or provide options for change where needed, but ultimately it’s your choice. 


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