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Electrical design

Once the space mix design for your self-storage building has been signed off, we’ll complete the electrical design. A self-storage electrical design involves lighting, mechanical ventilation and the self-storage security system.


Self-storage electrical designWell-lit corridors invoke a feeling of safety for your customers. Having your self-storage facility lit 24/7 is very costly though, so you will want to reduce your operational cost by implementing an energy-saving electrical design.

Reduce cost, save energy

There are a number of ways to reduce cost and save energy. Both lightning and mechanical ventilation will be part of your self-storage electrical design, which can operate as follows:

  • Have lights and fans linked to your self-storage access control system and turn them on only along the corridors leading to the self-storage unit that is being accessed.
  • Have lights and fans controlled by motion sensors and they will turn on as customers walk along the corridors.
  • Air conditioning can be put on a timer to operate only during opening hours. This does not apply to wine storage, which needs 24-hour air conditioning.


Contact us if you’re interested in an energy-saving electrical design.

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