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Drive-up units

self-storage drive-up unitsA self‑storage drive‑up unit is exactly that — a self‑storage unit that you can drive up to.

Drive‑up units give your self‑storage facility a modern, professional feel. If your building can include drive‑ups or you have excess parking space that you can build self‑storage drive‑up units on, you can offer easily accessible and profitable units.

Many self‑storage users find drive‑ups the ideal storage solution, because they can literally drive right up to it to load and unload. This convenience factor lets you charge a premium rental rate.
Self-storage drive-up unit as a modular structure

Modular structure

Our drive‑up units are modular building structures and can be designed to fit most spaces. Whether set against or separated from your main building, we’ll handle the project from design to completion.

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