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Corridor systems

The corridors or hallways are the main arteries of your self-storage facility and are always on display as your customers visit their self-storage unit. So keeping corridors well-lit, secure and clean will enhance your customers’ experience and help promote a positive brand image.

We have a number of products that are used in corridors to help create that positive customer experience:

Ceiling soffit system

Soffit panels cover the ceiling above corridors in a self-storage facilityOur ceiling soffit system obscures dark roof voids in the corridors of your self-storage store. And it creates a clean, bright, attractive, streamlined environment for all users.

We manufacture our ceiling soffits with the same high-gloss aluzinc-coated hi-tensile steel as our corridor walls for greater light reflection. The ceiling soffit system is also a convenient, cost-effective way to run cables and support lights.

Protection for ‘bash areas’

As customers go in and out of their self-storage units, they will Kicker plate covering bash areaswheel trolleys, carry furniture, sporting equipment, boxes — everything — through your self-storage facility. They will undoubtedly bash into the walls, especially near entrances, the lift area and corners.

Corner protectors, kicker plates and/or buffer rails will help protect the areas that are more prone to such treatment.

  • Corner protectors are made of chequer plate aluminium or Corner protectors and buffer rail protect hallway panelsgalvanised steel and are fitted to all external hallway corners.
  • Kicker plates are made of aluminium or galvanised steel. They may be fitted along the bottom of the hallway panels, protecting walls from damage caused by customer trolleys.
  • Buffer rails are made of an unsealed hardwood for optimal protection against wear and tear. These rails are strategically located in two rows based on typical trolley sizes. Wooden buffer rails are occasionally used in Asia, Australia and New Zealand instead of kicker plates.


Galvanised mild steel-wire mesh for added securityMesh
Not strictly visible in the corridors, mesh is fitted to the tops of units for added security where there is a significant gap between the top of units and the ceiling/roof. Our mesh is made of galvanised mild steel wire to ensure durability.

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