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Self-storage business plan

With the in-depth information you’ve gathered on self-storage with market research, you can start writing your business plan. This is essential if you need a bank, an investor or another party to help finance your project. They need to see the potential of your business proposal in facts and figures; a business plan does that.

Include actions you need to undertake and what your future activities will be to generate a self-sustaining, growing self-storage business, so it provides the direction or strategy needed for success.

You should consider the following in your business plan:

  • Self-storage unitsExecutive summary
  • Company description
    Ownership, company structure, geographic scope, investment capacity, investment horizon.
  • Products and services
    Security systems (arming of individual units), climate-controlled areas, ambient systems, wine storage, shelving, insurance, ancillary products, operational products.
  • Market and competitor analysis
    Supply vs. demand, geographic coverage, pricing trends, growth rates, take-up rates, marketing practices.
  • Marketing strategy
    Launch and on-going spend, media channel(s), Website.
  • Management summary
    Expected management team at start-up and as business grows.
  • Financial plan
    Profit and loss projections, discounted cash flow to assess returns, investment estimates for building, building preparation, construction/fit-out of self-storage partitions/doors, access control and security systems.

Need help?

We can’t write a business plan for you, but if you have a building in mind our feasibility study will provide a lot of assistance. If you get stuck at any point just contact us – we’re happy to help.


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