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Architectural design

We have been involved in thousands of self-storage projects and we understand how to optimise the design of self-storage facilities. This is a fine art that blends economics, functionality and user appeal, culminating in a well-balanced and profitable solution for your operation.

Our self-storage building and fit-out designs are created entirely in-house. Our architects know the building codes that apply in your country and will take this into account when designing your self-storage facility.

Working together

Any design is a team effort and our qualified architects will work closely with you, our structural engineers and your Steel Storage sales representative to create the best possible building design and space mix.

Space mix (floor plan design)

Self-storage architectural designA space mix is the variety of self-storage unit sizes that make up the layout of your floor plan. The average unit size varies per country/region, which we take into account when creating the space mix.

This is where our knowledge of the self-storage industry is invaluable. We want your business to succeed; so we want you to be able to rent out all of your units and not have any small or large units that people won’t rent.

Therefore, we’ll ensure that the floor space of your building is utilised to its utmost capacity with various unit sizes. We’ll strive to provide you with a fully optimized space mix, typically between 60-70% of the GFA*.

Space mix example

In the example above the total GFA* is 2,154m2 (23,185 ft2) and the NLA** is 1,295m2 (13,939 ft2) giving a storage space percentage of 60%.


GFA: gross floor area – this is the entire floor area including staircases and other areas unsuitable for building self-storage units.
NLA: net lettable area – this is total area covered with lettable self-storage units.


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