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Access control and security systems

Logo of PTI Security Systems - The PTI access control and security system has been tried and tested many times internationally since its inception in the USA in 1979. The company now boasts over 25,000 systems installed in more than 30 different countries making PTI the worldwide leader in self-storage security today.

System integration

You can integrate PTI’s access control and security systems with the latest technology and most self-storage management software packages allowing you total security control of your entire self-storage facility.

This means access to your entire facility is fully automated, secure and manageable with easy-to-use software. You have complete control over who accesses your facility at all secured entryways, like doors, elevators and gates.

We can tailor access control and security requirements to your specifications, and you can easily expand it up to 10,000 units/users as your self-storage business grows.

Customer’s peace of mind

A well-designed security solution helps protect your investment by providing a real deterrent against theft, so customers feel safe and secure, which will make them feel confident about storing their goods/belongings with you. The higher the level of visible security, the safer they will feel. You can accomplish this by installing security cameras, video monitors, digital recorders and individual unit door alarms. View a full list of product features below.

PPTI Security Systems entry keypad for self-storage securityroduct features

  • Control of gate and door access
  • Individual door alarms
  • Lighting control
  • Remote site management
  • Interface to self-storage management software
  • Full activity log, which is easy to search
  • Graphic feature displays
  • CCTV and alarms
  • Intercom and music systems

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