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Quraz Rental Storage

 Steel Storage have been a critical partner to Quraz since its founding. Most valued by us is their creativity and resourcefulness in developing products and installation processes that work for us. They’re exceptionally customer-focussed. 

Steve Spohn, President

Quraz opened its first facility in Japan in 2002 and customised the popular US self-storage concept for the Japanese market. They now boast nearly 50 stores and 20% market share.

They approached us in 2001 and we have supplied self-storage products for the majority of their facilities since then. More recently we provided them with a customised Cubix trolley, which is becoming increasingly more popular due to the small unit sizes in Japanese rental-storage facilities (more details on that can be found under market statistics). The Cubix trolley allows the user to fully optimise their rental-storage space.

You can read more about Quraz at www.quraz.com.

Site specifications
Please find below site specifications of a small sample of Quraz’s rental-storage facilities for which we supplied our products.

  • Hachioji Shop (Tokyo)
    • Gross floor area: ca. 5,400m2 (58,100ft2) across 9 floors
    • Number of units: ca. 1,010
  • Nanba Shop (Osaka)
    • Gross floor area: ca. 4,400m2 (47,400ft2) across 8 floors
    • Number of units: ca. 1,030
  • Ozone Shop (Nagoya)
    • Gross floor area: ca. 3,200m2 (34,500ft2) across 9 floors
    • Number of units: ca. 720

Products and services used

Special features
Many of the self-storage facilities in Japan are housed in office buildings or are converted from former office buildings. Because these types of buildings are generally smaller in comparison to those used for self-storage in other countries, it was important to us to fully understand the local self-storage conditions and provide an optimum solution for our client. This is one of the reasons why Quraz have used our products and services for many of their facilities since opening their first store in 2002.