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 I have been working with Steel Storage since 2003 and have never been disappointed. After just having completed the fit-out of the third store, Steel Storage proved again the outstanding quality of their product as well as the efficiency and reliability of their fit-out crew. Thus enabling us to provide top-class self-storage in Germany. 

Wolfgang Koehnk, Managing Partner

Pickens Selfstorage operates three self-storage facilities in Germany, two in Berlin (Lichtenberg and Tempelhof) and one in Hamburg (Wandsbek). All sites contain self-storage units manufactured and installed by Steel Storage Europe.

A fourth location in Hamburg Groß Borstel and a fifth in Berlin Charlottenburg are in the planning stages.

You can find more information about Pickens Selfstorage at www.pickens.de.

Site specifications

  • Gross floor area for all 3 sites: ca. 25,800m2 (ca. 277,700ft2)
  • Number of unit for all 3 sites: ca. 3,800
  • Phases:
    • Berlin Lichtenberg: 2
    • Berlin Tempelhof: 3
    • Hamburg Groß Borstel: pending
    • Hamburg Wandsbek: 1

Products and services used

  • Consultancy services
    • Architectural design (space mix)
    • Project management
  • Products
    • Walls and partitions
    • Green swing and roller doors in all parts of the facilities except the wine-storage areas, which have swing doors with a wood-grain plastisol finish
    • Steel Storage slide latch and recessed door lock
    • Lockers
    • Wine storage - climate-controlled environment (Lichtenberg and Wandsbek only)
  • Product supply and fit-out

Special features

  • Berlin-Tempelhof became the blueprint for all new Pickens facilities around Germany. It comprises a purpose-built, modern self-storage facility with storage space on 6 floors. Unit sizes range from 1m² to 20m².
  • The facility in Hamburg Wandsbek offers something new and unique to Germany: wine storage.
  • The wine-storage units are contained in a separate area that maintains a consistent temperature and humidity. Unit sizes range from small lockers to walk-in storage, all of them equipped with sturdy shelves.
  • Security: each unit is equipped with motion sensor and CCTVs are located inside and outside the facilities.