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Pattaya Self Storage

 Steel storage gave great advice even before we started building and visited the site several times during the building period. They even put us in contact with the right people to get us started. 

Jan Olav Aamlid, Owner

Pattaya is home to a large number of expatriates and a general population that is estimated around 300,000 inhabitants. Expatriates come and go and this created a demand for high-quality self-storage, which prompted the owners of Pattaya Self Storage to build a purpose-built self-storage facility in Pattaya.

Steel Storage got involved with the company when construction hadn’t even started yet, so we were able to advise them on the importance of access, goods lifts and fire safety regulations before the installation of our self-storage products. We started fitting out our products on the first two floors of the building when the construction of the entire building wasn’t even completed yet, but it would allow the store to open as soon as it was.

Find out more about Pattaya Self Storage at www.pattayaselfstorage.co.th.

Site specifications

  • Gross floor area: ca. 730m2 (ca. 7,900ft2)
  • Number of units: ca. 200
  • Phases: 1

Products and services used


Special features
One of the few purpose-built self-storage facilities in Asia.