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Optimise your self-storage operation

You have been operating your self‑storage facility for some time and you’re not seeing the returns you expected. If so, we can do an assessment of your current operation to see how to optimise it and increase efficiency, so that you can achieve higher returns.

Optimising the return on your facility

We would look at various aspects of your self‑storage operation to give you a recommendation for optimisation. Things we would look at include:

Reconfiguration and electrical design

We will make recommendations on all of the above items, but reconfiguration and self‑storage electrical design are where we’d be most involved should there be a requirement for change.

Optimise your self-storage facilityIf some of your self‑storage units aren’t renting as well as expected, we can reconfigure them for you. We’ll take your original space mix design as a basis. We’ll then re‑design it using the information from our assessment and optimise it, i.e. you may need smaller or larger unit sizes, which our assessment on your yield will disclose.

Whether you originally used our self‑storage partitioning system or not, our system is a modular design which allows for easy reconfiguration in any situation.

Self‑storage electrical design
Optimise your self-storage facilityYou can reduce costs with an energy‑saving electrical design. By saving money, you’ll optimise your operation even more. There are a number of ways to save on electricity:

  • Have lights and fans linked to your self-storage access control system and turn them on only along the corridors leading to the self-storage unit that is being accessed.
  • Have lights and fans controlled by motion sensors and they will turn on as customers walk along the corridors.
  • Air conditioning can be put on a timer to operate only during opening hours. This does not apply to wine storage, which needs 24-hour air conditioning.

Need help?

If you need help optimising your self‑storage facility, ask us to perform an operational assessment.

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