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Managing your self-storage facility

When you write your business plan, you will make a decision on whether you will run your self-storage business yourself or whether you will use a self-storage management company.

Self-storage facility reception
Running your own self-storage business
If you are new to the self-storage industry, you’ll soon realise there is a lot of organisation involved in getting your store operational. We have listed a number of things to consider under ‘Self-storage operation’. Your local or regional self-storage organisations will be able to provide you remove with a lot of detail on this, so it’s worth contacting them.

We can also put you in touch with a self-storage management consultant who can advise and help you set up your self-storage operation, blend your ideas with the practicalities of the industry and remove much of the guess-work. Contact us if you’re interested in this option.

Self-storage facility receptionManaged self-storage facility

If you do not want to run your own store, you can hire a self-storage management company to manage it for you. Management can be provided by an established self-storage operator or an independent self-storage management company.

Regardless of who you use, you will agree a management fee for which the management company will provide and/or train staff to manage the store; they will also do the marketing and revenue management. In short, they will run the business for you.

If you’re considering using a self-storage management company, we can put you in touch with trusted companies. Simply ask us for their details.

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