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 Kangu Self Storage started working with Steel Storage in 2011 while building the second phase of our facility in Poznan, West Poland. We decided to change suppliers; previously we used an American company, who were beaten by the quick and professional service of Steel Storage.

The layout proposed by Steel Storage largely increased our yield area and the space has become more functional. We were also pleased with the quality of the materials delivered, especially the doors with the recessed door locks. Both swing and roller doors are of a high quality and the wide range of the colours offered enables adjustment to the individual needs of each client. The Steel Storage designers have thought about the aesthetic appearance as well. In each project they include soffits and kicker plates to protect the corners.

Moreover, if one needs a quick and professional assembly Steel Storage offers the help of its fit-out team. This is a group of highly-qualified experts with a wide experience in fitting out self-storage units. The pace of work is about 60 units per week! Last but not least, the communication with Steel Storage is always effortless; one can count on a quick reply and help. Therefore, it is clear that we will fit-out a new facility with the materials from Steel Storage. Our last facility opened in Wroclaw in March 2013 and we are looking forward to further co-operation on the next location. 

Dorota Sztuba, Project Manager

KANGU Self Storage operates two facilities in Poland, one in Poznan (about 300km/190mi west of the capital Warsaw) and one and Wroclaw (170km/105mi due south of Poznan). Their self-storage facility in Poznan was one of the first purpose-built self-storage facilities in the area.

Site specifications

  • Poznan
    • Gross floor area: ca. 560m2 (ca. 6,030ft2)
    • Number of units: ca. 60
    • Phases: 2 (we were only involved in phase 2)
  • Wroclaw
    • Gross floor area: ca. 750m2 (ca. 8,070ft2)
    • Number of units: ca. 140
    • Phases: 1

Products and services used