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Itsepalveluvarasto Holvi

 We were very happy with the overall experience dealing with Steel Storage. The quality of their products has met our expectations and all issues have been dealt with promptly in a friendly and professional manner. We would definitely recommend Steel Storage and hope to do business with them in the future. 

Ville Huhta, Owner Itsepalveluvarasto Holvi

Itsepalveluvarasto Holvi is Finnish for ‘self-storage vault’. They are the first purpose-built modern self-storage facility in the Turku area of Finland (around 160 kilometres/99 miles west of the capital Helsinki) and we provided them with advice on self-storage and our self-storage partitions, hallway panels and doors after designing an optimised space mix for them.

You can find more information about Itsepalveluvarasto Holvi at itsepalveluvarasto.fi.

Site specifications

  • Gross floor area: ca. 940m2 (ca. 10,100ft2) over 2 floors
  • Number of units: ca. 130
  • Phases: 1

Products and services used

Special features

Mezzanine floors in self-storage facilities are reasonably common in the UK, where self-storage has been present since the early eighties. Doing one in Finland was a unique experience for us and it almost doubled the number of units the client would have had if he had only used the ground floor to build self-storage.