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Growth Potential of Self-storage in Asia

Self-storage in AsiaIf you are interested in setting up or investing in a self-storage business in Asia, we would be happy to provide you with some information on the Asian self-storage market.

Although self-storage has been around globally since the 1960s, this originally American concept only came to Asia in 2002. At this time, self-storage facilities were set-up by different players in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. These pioneer markets are now thriving and other Asian markets have also come on board. In every country where a self-storage facility has opened, the concept has worked successfully.

Growth opportunity

As a supplier to the industry since 1990 we've seen the birth and growth of the European and Asian markets first hand. Asia is 15-20 years behind Europe, but its growth pattern is exactly the same. So we believe there are many more opportunities for self-storage in Asia. Or just look at the facts.

Below are the statistics of available self-storage space per person in Asia compared to long-established markets:


  • Asia - excluding China    

0.00074m2 (0.008ft2)  

- since 2002

  Projected self-storage growth in Asia

  • UK
0.045m2 (0.5ft2) - since the 80s    
  • Australia     
0.11m2 (1.2ft2) - since the 70s           
  • USA
0.69m2 (7.4ft2) - since the 60s


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