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Brownfield or greenfield?

In terms of self-storage, brownfield means that you consider using an existing building that is suitable to convert into self-storage.

The design and layout of self-storage facilities can overcome challenges like irregular-shaped buildings. Odd-shaped buildings are often less in demand, so if you find one and it is suitable for self-storage you might purchase or rent it at a lower rate.

We can support you and your real estate agent with a focused feasibility study of your building, but things to be aware of (besides location) would be construction permissions, ease of access and whether the building is compliant with local fire-safety standards.

Brownfield building conversion into a self-storage facility

If you have a plot of land (in real estate terms a greenfield site or land-banked site) you want to build a self-storage facility on, building permits and planning permissions are key. With those in place, you’re set to create a purpose-built self-storage facility.

Location, ease of access and local building compliance always need to be considered. Our architectural design team and structural engineers are familiar with all requirements that apply specifically to self-storage buildings. Just ask us to design it for you.

Self-storage project constructed on a greenfied site

Need help?
If you have found a building or a plot of land, but are unsure of its suitability for self-storage, ask us to do a feasibility study for you. We’ll assess the land or building for the elements required to make it a success. We may advise you against using the land/building for self-storage or we’ll provide options for change where possible, but ultimately it’s your choice.


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