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Expert views

Below are a number of quotes from experts in the self-storage industry.

Scott Meyers, self-storage eductor from the USA“Self storage is quickly becoming one of the most desirable real estate investment product types from the beginning to the experienced investor” and “Self storage has always been set apart from other investments because the business model has relied more on cash flow than other sectors. Many industry experts agree that investors in other sectors rely more on appreciation, where self storage tends to focus on the cash-on-cash returns in current and future years. This is what differentiates it from all other asset classes.”
Scott Meyers, a leading self-storage educator from the USA

"The best real estate investment in the past decade" and “Self-storage companies produced the best risk-adjusted return among 10 U.S. real estate investment trust indexes in the past decade, according to the Bloomberg Riskless Return Ranking. They had the highest total return and the third-lowest volatility, for a risk-adjusted gain of 10.6 percent.”
Bloomberg, 2 May 2012

Quraz, Japan, self-storage unit on display"The best businesses take unpromising inputs and conjure from them a stable stream of profits. Self-storage firms fall into this category. They offer space-strapped customers a secure nest in which to store things they don’t need right now but can’t bring themselves to throw away. They invest in land most developers would shun and use tenancy contracts that would make other landlords shudder” and “While property values have fallen, profits and cash-flow have held up, lifting share prices. Public Storage, Extra Space and Sovran, three publicly traded American self-storers [operators], were up between 30% and 140% since August 2007, while REIT indexes have lost ground.”
The Economist, 18 August 2012

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