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Be unique with our custom door designs

Your USP (Unique Selling Point) is the marketing term used to differentiate one product from another. In the self-storage business, we can help you create your unique USP using the Steel Storage custom door.

What is unique about our doors?
As well as being secure, strong and durable, you can select one or all of these custom features:

  • custom door sizes
  • recesses for number plates and our distinctive recessed door lock
  • any door colour
  • embossed simplified logos
  • louvre vents.

Custom door sizes
Self-storage door design with custom number plate recessOur standard door widths and heights can accommodate most self-storage designs. However, we can customise the door sizes to suit your needs if required.

Door recesses
Our technology can create recesses in our doors. Recessing a door number plate keeps the look of the door smooth and flush. There is also our popular recessed lock, another of our patented products. Use either or both for a stylish, protrusion free corridor.

Self-storage door colours
For both our swing and roller doors, we offer six standard door colours:

  • Asia and Australasia
    Standard colours for self-storage doors in Asia
  • Europe
    Standard door colours for self-storage doors in Europe

Should you have a specific colour in mind that reflects your brand, simply tell us and we’ll source it. In Europe our doors have a plastisol finish with a leather grain texture. Our corrugated swing doors and roller doors can be supplied in plastisol or painted in your chosen colour. In Asia we can use our powder coating line to create doors in your colour.

Self-storage door with customised embossed textEmbossed logos
This feature will make your store really stand out. Provide us with your logo and we’ll create a simplified version that can be embossed on your doors. The logo can be placed nearly anywhere.

Use embossed logos on every door or more sparingly, on every other door or only at the end of corridors and your brand will get noticed and remembered.

Louvre vents

We recommend louvre vents in doors for air-conditioned or climate-controlled units. They allow for superior air circulation and help keep units at the desired temperature and humidity levels.

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