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Climate-controlled environment

A climate-controlled environment is essential in wine storage. So if you’re considering adding wine storage to your self-storage facility there are four storage conditions you need to take into account:

  1. light

  2. humidity

  3. temperature

  4. security

We discuss the environmental aspects of wine storage below.
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Low-light wine storage at Pickens, Germany


Ultraviolet light causes wine to degrade, so providing a low-light wine storage area is essential.


Humidity levels in wine-storage range between 60% and 75%Humidity control is a critical component for the storage of wine. If the humidity is very low it can dry out the cork leading to sealing problems, which will spoil the wine. The ideal humidity for wine storage ranges between a 60% and 75% relative humidity level.


The ideal temperature for wine storage is said to be 13°C (55°F). This makes sense historically, as wine in France was, and is, typically stored in caves with 13°C being the optimum underground temperature.

Experts say the ideal temperature is between 13°C and 15.5°C (60°F), but what is potentially more important is that the temperature has minimal fluctuation. If the temperature is set at 13°C a perfect storage temperature would only have a fluctuation of plus or minus one degree.

Low lighting in temperature-controlled wine-storage area
Building wine storage

When building wine storage we take all these environmental requirements into account — from our wine-storage building components to the insulated panel we install all around the wine-storage area and the implementation of the refrigeration system to the back-up generator that maintain the area’s required temperature.

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